Jan 112015
A Year in Cities, 2014

Last year’s post detailed my emergency same-day passport renewal in order to make a holiday trip to Kenya. In the end it all worked out. This year saw another passport emergency, and it didn’t work out. Such are the vagaries of travel(ers). Thelma and I were to go to a friend’s wedding in Spain–Menorca by […]

Mar 232014
Comcast/Xfinity On Demand Descriptions for Rick & Morty

The descriptions for episodes 4-8 of Rick and Morty (first three currently unavailable). They appear when viewing on demand from a set top box. The descriptions via xfinity online are the standard variety. @Jeff_Holmes @RickandMorty do you have photos of the other episode descriptions? I couldn't find them on directv. They're all strange — Justin […]

My Work on the ABC Promo

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Jan 192014

Here’s a video I wrote and helped produce for Atlanta Bicycle Coalition with Mountain View Group: Throughout production, this project evolved from a general Atlanta audience promo to more of a mission video aimed at donors and those already familiar with the organization. Consequently the script went through several drafts, as we tried to find […]

A Year in Cities, 2013

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Jan 012014
A Year in Cities, 2013

This year’s list would’ve been slightly abbreviated had it not been for last minute trip to the Atlanta Passport Agency. Thelma’s and my year-end trip to Kenya had been planned for months, but I didn’t notice until a few days prior to departure that my my passport was three months from expiry. Because I am […]